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July 24th Steele County Fair Grounds - Owatonna MN

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Welcome to
Morsen Services

Morsen Services, Inc. (MSI) has been serving farm and ranch customers in the upper Midwest for over 33 years. Located at 1414 South Oak Ave. Suite #3. Owatonna MN 55060, we offer agricultural-based real estate loans to farmers, ranchers and eligible businesses servicing production agriculture.

We offer our clients deep experience and reliable service throughout the entire lending process, from account creation to the final steps of billing and payment collection. Our small team provides you with individualized attention and the means to personally handle any other loan servicing matters that arise, helping you to reach your financial goals.

Loan Product

Loan Products

Interest Rate options available include variable rates; adjustable rates; and fixed interest rate products based on individual needs and preferences. Loan payment amortizations can be up to 30 years.

  • Fixed rates are based on 5,7, 10, 15, 25 and 30-year periods.

  • Resets are available in 5, 10 and 15-year periods with 25-year maturities.

  • Most loans are open pre-pay on any scheduled payment date.

  • Our loan products offer up to 30-year amortization.

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Funding Sources

Morsen Services, Inc. has established multiple funding sources that are proven and reliable. These funding sources include Prudential Insurance Company of America (PGIM Real Estate Finance); the Farmer Mac System; Agri-Access, a division of an FCS Institution; and independent commercial banks in the mid-west. All funding sources have the same proven commitment to agriculture as Morsen Services, Inc.

Simply put, we use multiple lenders for the same reason farmers and ranchers specialize in producing various commodities: because secondary market lenders also specialize in the type of loan products they offer to different types of producers. MSI will match your business’s commodity, capital and capacity with the loan structure most suited to your needs and at the best rates and terms.

Our Team
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Our Team

Gary Lueth

Chairmen of the Board, Gary brings 33 years of direct lending experience with 28 years leading Morsen Services, Inc.. He has spent many years in the farming business including corn, soybean, swine and turkey production. This experience is a valuable resource given today’s challenges, and at Morsen Services, our priority is to create a comprehensive agricultural loan structure designed specifically to meet and exceed the needs of our borrowers.

Wally Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, Wally brings 29 years of direct lending experience, based out of mid-western banks, to both agricultural and commercial clients. Additionally, his extensive agricultural education and accounting background, coupled with his direct lending experience, make him uniquely qualified to offer other services, including business analysis, succession planning, financial restructuring and more. As an expert in FINPACK, he helps clients create, maintain and troubleshoot their existing accounts, for the best possible outcome.

Allison Ritter

Vice President of Operations, Allison has been with Morsen Services, Inc. since April 2002. She manages the office and works with the lending team, originating and servicing loans for our customers. Always available to answer any questions and offer help, Allison plays an integral role in our commitment to customer service.

Ann Motl

Loan Servicing Specialist, Ann joined our team in April 2023 and brings 18 years of lending experience thru various banks in the Midwest.  Assisting with originating and servicing loans for our customers, Ann’s excellence for customer service shines through.

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